Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing


Pressure washers have grown in popularity over the years due to their beneficial use. They are functional both indoors and outdoors for tasks like floor, decks, walls, cars, or bike cleaning. Nevertheless, some people are unfamiliar with these machines. Reason being they’ve never seen them or used them before. As a first-time user, you may have plenty of questions about them. Therefore, this post delves into the frequently asked questions about pressure washing.

Common questions about pressure washing

Pressure washing is a product of pressure washer machines. Some questions about the process include;

· What is pressure washing

As mentioned above, it involves the use of pressure washers. It’s the use of high pressure water to clean surfaces or items. It is done to remove different types of dirt, and the pressure varies based on the dirt type and work area. For example, the pressure used to remove mold or gum from concrete differs from that of a wooden floor or deck. The washing is dependant on the type of nozzle connected to the wand since various nozzle degrees produce different results. The 65-degree nozzle, for example, produces soap during the cleaning process due to its wide coverage and low water pressure. The rest have other pressures to suit several surfaces and prevent damages.

· Is pressure washing a complicated process?

Pressure washers are straightforward machines; therefore, washing shouldn’t be hard at all. You can pressure wash surfaces on your own in the comfort of your house. However, you must understand how the washers work and know how to set the correct pressure levels for a particular area. Poor pressure gauging leads to chipped paint on cars or walls, broken screens or windows, and much more. Some machines require you to interchange the nozzles to get the correct pressure. If all these steps seem strange, it is best to get professional services for greater use of equipment.

· How often can you pressure wash a surface?

There is no limit to the amount of pressure washing you can do to a surface or area. Some people prefer extremely clean areas, so cleaning is done quite often. Others don’t mind one in a while washing its all dependant on you. In addition, the material of the surface and its current condition influence the washing frequency.

· Can high pressure washing damage surfaces

The answer is yes and no. It depends on the type of area you intend to clean. High pressure is good for removing tough stains or dirt. However, only tough and heavy material items can withstand that high-pressure example, concrete. Delicate or fragile things will break if subjected to such, so great care must be taken. Be keen on the water spray pressure you use.  You can either switch nozzles or adjust the existing one.

Bottom line

Understanding the pressure washing process is easy. However, you must understand the machine itself first. The answers to the questions above are a simple way to familiarize yourself with the cleaning. They are the fundamental aspects of it, but you learn more with time as you use the pressure washer machines.


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