Ten Things We Can Learn from The Kenma and Kuroo Relationship


Although most anime series are a show of superheroes with different strengths and skill sets, that is not the only trait. In most animes, there is always a show of close relationships between two characters, and we can all learn relationship tips from these. For the kenma and kuroo relationship, there are more than enough lessons you can try to learn. Their full names are Kenma Kozume and Tetsurô Kuroo, indicating that they are not related by blood, as most fans conclude.

The conclusion of kuroo and kenma being brothers is not far fetched from the kind of relationship they both have. They may not look alike, but they have a deep understanding of each other. Like with any other relationship, a deep understanding of each other does not come from weeks of knowing each other. For the pair of kenma and kuroo, it took a lot of years and close bonding to become close. Between both personalities, Kuroo was always quiet and anxious, but you can easily blame this on the fact that he is older. Whether they are neighbors, best friends, teammates, or others don’t really matter. What matters are the lessons we can learn from the relationship between kenma and kuroo and how we can learn from it? Some of the lessons we can learn include;

They were friends from childhood

Across the globe, it is widely believed that friendships can not last for numerous years. That is because we mostly split away after some time. However, from the relationship with kenma and kuroo, that narrative is not totally correct. Kenma and Kuroo have been friends since they were kids when they first met as neighbors. From neighbors and friends, they became volleyball teammates when Kuroo taught Kenma how to play the sport. From there, they moved on with their education in middle school and high school. Luckily for both kenma and kuroo, they attended the same middle school and high school. However, kuroo got into the school before kenma because of the year difference between them. However, Kenma got into the same school, and they both joined the same volleyball club. In that volleyball club, Kuroo served as the captain while Kenma was the setter. With two of them on the court, winning a game against them will be hard.

They learnt from each other

In the initial stages, Kenma was not interested in playing volleyball. Therefore, he played the sport because of the love Kuroo had for the sport and because it was readily available. But he had a heart of gratitude to kuroo, and he appreciated him for teaching the game.

They understood each other

Even when they had differences, kenma and kuroo were quick to understand each other. Kuroo was quick to comprehend kenma while he was teaching him volleyball. Before this, kuroo and kenma had their quiet personalities, but kenma was quieter.


Kenma and Kuroo are close friends from an anime, but a good study of their relationship will give you insight on how to relate with people in our world today. We have discussed some of the lessons we can learn from the association of kenma and kuroo


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