Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Best Dish Racks


Dish racks are available at different prices in the market. The various costs are attributed to various factors, such as the size of the rack. Furthermore, some as those found at the Pusdon shop are priced differently because of their designs. Below are the main factors that impact the cost of the best dish rack.


Main factors that impact the cost of the best dish rack

1. Size of the dish rack

The dish racks are available in different sizes; the different sizes are available at different prices. It is because the different sizes use different material sizes to make. For example, large dish racks usually need large materials to make; therefore, higher-priced than small dish racks. The number of compartments present in a dish rack also impacts its pricing. The dish racks with more compartments are higher priced than those with lesser compartments. For example, a dish rack with four compartments is higher priced than one or two compartments.

2. Type of material used

Different dish racks are made from wood, plastic, or metal materials. The various materials used have different durability levels and functionality. For example, the dish racks made from stainless steel do not encourage mildew formation compared to those made from wood. Thus, they are more expensive than those made from wood. Furthermore, materials made from steel are stronger and more quality than those made from plastic; therefore, they are more expensive.

3. The complexity of the design

Different dish racks are made from various designs. The different designs range from simple to complex designs. The simple designs are simple and faster to make, while the intricate designs take much more time. Therefore, the simple designs on the dish racks are much cheaper than the complex designs. Thus, complex-designed dish racks are expensive.

4. Presence of extra accessories

Dish racks with extra accessories such as magnets for fridge mounting, wall mounting tools, anti-rust, and so many more are higher priced. The extra accessories contribute to the pricing of the dish racks. For example, magnetic dish racks are more expensive than non-magnetic ones. Therefore, dish racks with extra accessories are much more costly than those without.

5. Functions of the dish rack

Some dish racks are multi-purpose. They can be used for draining, drying, storage, utensil protection, and so many more. At the same time, other dish racks are only used for storage. Therefore, the dish racks that are made for multi-purpose functions are much more expensive.

6. Adjustable dish racks

Adjustable dish racks offer one the chance to change the dish racks to their liking. For example, one can opt to remove a compartment or add one. At the same time, a fixed rack is, as the name suggests, fixed. The fixed rack stays as it was purchased. Therefore, the adjustable dish rack is much more expensive.



Dish racks are like any other utensils in a household. They are made from different materials that cost differently and have various qualities. Furthermore, different dish racks are best used for various purposes, thus different costs. The above factors will help guide you on the different prices of the dish racks.


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