Benefits of Selecting the YOSUN UV Printer For Rotary Printing


Rotary printing, also known as cylindrical printing, digital cylinder printing, or direct-to-object printing, is a way of printing straight onto cylindrical things such as drinkware, glassware, candles, and plastic tubing online printing field. When digital printing moved beyond printing on flat things, it became a severe challenger for rotary print processes. Let us looks at its benefits.

The YOSUN UV Printer

YOSUN UV Printer is dedicated to being a world leader in UV flatbed printers and rotary UV printers. We provide our customers with high-quality, high-efficiency rotary uv printer solutions. A rotary press comprises two cylinders that rotate in opposite directions: the plate cylinders have bent printing connected to its surface. These devices have a cylinder with a diameter big enough to contain two or more plates, allowing the cylinder to print two or more copies of the same page with each turn. The impression cylinder presses the paper against the inked plates traveling between the cylinders.

The sheet (or another medium) is exposed to light as soon as it passes through the printer. During this process, the sheet gets absorbed in wet ink. The ink does not penetrate or spread because the Rotary UV Printer light dries it instantly. As a result, print with more clarity in details, images, and text. You can produce big print runs of the same item in a short amount of time, thanks to the printing quality and speed.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about fading because the ink resists fading even when subjected to sunshine. AUV printer’s design and components are eco-friendly, safe products to use without hurting yourself or the ecosystem. For example, solvent-free UV inks boost your printing skills without worrying about releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Top Uses Rotary Printer

There is an ever-increasing need for reusable vessels as environmental consciousness grows and people cut back on single-use plastics left and right. A little collection of various drinkware for various situations is not uncommon in a household.

Gifting drinkware is one item you can be sure the receiver will utilize. You may use a Rotary UV printer to print directly on cylindrical shapes like glasses, tumblers, lamps, and PVC pipes. Plastic tubes, fabric, metals, woodwork, and PVC signage are among the substrates this printer can print on.

When your firm handles a variety of materials, the adaptability boosts convenience by allowing you to experience high-quality printing in a single production system. It also permits printing on tapering items, which can assist you in managing a variety of duties in a busy sector.

You can produce wrap graphics in full color on practically any curved item, thanks to the 360-degree complete coverage.

Consider the interior design objectives and production requirements when deciding which form of printing is ideal for your company. Whether you should use helical printers, single-pass printers, or multi-pass printers depends on your optimum speed, print quality, cost of manufacturing, and budget control.

learn more from the rotary UV printers. They have outstanding experience in handling the machine and affordable prices for the machine.


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