Which Vehicles Usually Have Power LiftGates?


A device that aids in opening and closing the rear hatch or liftgate of a vehicle is referred to as a power hatch lift support. It is also known as electric tailgate struts, power rear hatch lift supports, or power tailgate lift supports. It uses a hydraulic or electric system to help lift the hatches or lift ate’s weight, making it simpler to open and close.

Electric tailgate struts are normally composed of a liftgate control module, lift cylinders, or struts, and a hydraulic or electric motor. The components of the A-Premium power hatch lift support work as a unit to provide the lifting force needed to open and close the hatch. They are a crucial part of the car’s safety system because they can stop the hatch from unexpectedly falling and causing harm or damage.

How Can A Power Hatchback Lift Support Be Replaced?

Replaced swiftly and easily with a few simple tools, power hatchback lift supports are a simple task. Ensure that you have the appropriate replacement lift supports for your car before you even start the replacement process. The hatchback or tailgate needs to be secured after that. Use a support brace or ask someone to hold the hatchback or trunk open for you to prevent damage.

The old struts can then be removed using implements like a pry bar or a flathead screwdriver. Whenever removing lift support, it’s crucial to hold the hatchback steady with your other hand to avoid a fall. The new lift support installation can then begin. Aligning the mounting brackets on the hatchback and car body with the new lift supports.

To secure the lift supports, firmly put the retaining clips or pins into position. The hatchback should then be cautiously lowered and raised a few times to test the new lift supports and make sure they are appropriately installed and working. Check the installation until the task is finished if the hatchback is difficult to raise or lower or moves awkwardly.

Top Sports Utility Vehicles with Power Lifegates


The three Toyota models for 2021 that have hands-free rear power lift gate features at higher trim levels are the Sienna, Highlander, and Venza. Any of the three models use essentially the same technology. To prevent any problems, you must carry the Toyota Smart Key fob at all times. If the hands-free function is really essential to you, you should be aware that the 2021 Toyota Sienna offers the same hands-free system for opening and closing the side doors.


When compared to other SUV models, the 2022 Subaru Outback is unique since it is available with a hands-free power liftgate. This is so because the liftgate’s Subaru emblem serves as its sensor. Simply wave your palm in front of the Subaru emblem, swiftly pull it back, and it will beep open.


The newest Kia vehicles, including the Kia Telluride, are equipped with their own version of a hands-free power lift gate that they name Smart Liftgate. This interesting feature allows the trunk to now open on its own when you approach it.


Families and those who lead busy lives prefer SUVs because of their reputation for comfort and usefulness. Power liftgates are available on several medium and larger SUV models. These vehicles frequently feature substantial cargo space, and the motorized liftgate makes loading and unloading stuff more convenient.


Incredibly spacious interiors and family-friendly features are hallmarks of minivans. Power liftgates are typically seen on minivans because they make it easier to load stuff like groceries, strollers, and sporting goods into the rear cargo space.

Final Words

It’s crucial to remember that within a single-car model, the availability of power liftgates can range between various trim levels and packages. Motorized liftgates are also becoming more prevalent in a variety of vehicle classes as manufacturers strive to offer consumers more convenience and technology. For the most recent details on car features and extras, always check with the specific manufacturer or dealership.


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