What Are Some Common Ways in Which Pressure Washer Pumps get Damaged?


As we know, pressure washers are damaged over time, and it is meant to be replaced in a year or two. But the question is, why do they get damaged? This question will be answered in detail in the article below. Nonetheless, the first thing you should do to make the pump last longer and keep it safe from damage for the longest time is to buy a good quality pressure washer pump like Grandfall Pump. The cheap pumps are made of poor quality and tend to get damaged after 80-100 hours of use. Comparatively, a high standard pump gives an average of 500 hours.

Why do Pressure Washer Pumps get Damaged?

There are three common ways that lead pressure washer pumps to get damaged or entirely destroyed in some cases.

1. Cavitation

Cavitation happens when the water that is pumped through the pressure washer pump contains bubbles in it. Pressure washers are not made to deal with kind of water, and so severe destruction could happen.

2. Overheating

Pressure washers are made to push water outside the wand with full pressure when the machine is turned on, and the trigger is pressed. If you let go of the trigger and the machine is still on the water having no place to escape starts circulating and shift into bypass mode. And when this mode carries on for too long, the machine is overheated.

3. Incorrect Settings

If you have a pressure washer and haven’t learned how to properly set the unloader valve, it could be a serious problem. This is because the unloader valve is the primary element for controlling the water. If the pump gets overloaded, it would not only be harmful to the pressure washer pump but the machine itself.

Things You Can Do to Delay the Damage

An important thing that everyone with a pressure washer or the one who’s buying it should learn about them is their parts and some maintenance tips.

The second tip is that if you’re not using the machine, do not keep it running or turned on. Do not let the machine be in bypass mode for more than 40 seconds at a time.

Read and learn about the unloader valve; if you still don’t get it, watch some tutorials as it is essential for a pressure washer.

When you use the pressure washer, you have to make sure that the water that is being supplied to the machine should be correct.


There Is no doubt that if we do not take care of things, they start to decay or deteriorate faster than when we make sure they are being treated like they should. This article has filled you with a number of factors that are harmful to the pressure washer pumps. If you want the pump to give its 100% and last longer, you must avoid them at all costs and follow the things you need to do to delay the damage as long as possible.


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