Pressure Washer Unexpected Ways For Walkway Cleaning


The pressure washers can be an excellent and cost effective asset to your home. They clean so well and quickly, but sometimes it’s the simple things you find out on accident that turn into more work for yourself and are not as helpful as you first thought. Here is a list of ways we thought using our pressure washer would help us do better in some areas, which turned out only to cause more problems than solutions.

Take note of these little tips and tricks next time you’re doing something with your power washer. These are some ways we found by mistake that was hurting us during some cleaning sessions:

1) Don’t use too much soap!

Unless it says pressurized soap dispensers, this is more trouble than it’s worth. A little soap can do wonders, but if it’s pressurized, you’re just going to create a big mess and get soap everywhere. It causes the soap to drip everywhere and adds time by taking away from cleaning.

2) “Pressure Wash” your grout lines!

Please don’t use your pressure washer on your grout lines unless they are dirty enough to warrant it (which is rare). It will make them dirtier and more noticeable because it will make the colour of your grout lighter in these areas, which means you’ll have to spend more time trying to dye or stain them back to match the rest of the grout. Most people like their grout lines clean but don’t want them too light either.

3) Pressure wash your house!

Pressure washing your house is not as helpful as you might think. It will more than likely make the paint on your house fade and crack, making it look more worn down and older than before. You can use a pressure washer to clean the siding, but that’s about it. If you want to try doing some light work with your power washer around the outside of your home, we recommend sandblasting off all those old layers of paint and rust on anything metal first! Other than that, only use the pressure washer to clean brick or concrete patio floors or sidewalks. Just refrain from using it anywhere else unless you know what you’re doing.

4) Pressure Wash Your Lawn!

Using a pressure washer on your grass will do more damage than good. It will make your blades of grass turn brown and curl up, making it look less green and not as healthy as before. Some people use their pressure washers on plant beds, but that’s all you can do with them. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of ants quickly, this method is the best!

5) Pressure wash your driveway or garage floor

This one may seem obvious to some people, but we were unaware of the different things a power washer could do. You can use a power washer in your garage or on your driveway to clean things up, but it isn’t the best idea. Using a pressure washer on these surfaces will cause problems with certain types of flooring you might have down there. Most people use epoxy or paint in some pattern for their garage or driveway floors, and it’s not suitable for this type of surface. It could remove the coating you’ve applied to protect your metal or concrete from rusting/deteriorating.

6) The warning label trick!

Sometimes, you may think that something will be accessible when using your pressure washer because you’ve done it before after reading the directions online. We read somewhere that putting a sticker over the spray nozzle would allow us to use our power washer to clean off our wooden deck. We thought it would be the best way to get rid of all the dust and dirt on it without having to spend more than 15 minutes cleaning. It did suck away most of the dust, but we had no idea that something like this could cause tiny bubbles, scratches, or discoloration problems for us later on!

7) Watch out for high-pressure cleaners!

High-pressure cleaners are only good if you correctly use them on surfaces such as brick or stone. If you don’t, you should probably use a regular pressure washer instead. The force of the water coming out at 1200 PSI or more can damage certain surfaces and leave them looking worse than before!

8) Avoid using your pressure washer on vinyl siding!

Some may say that cleaning your vinyl siding with a pressure washer is okay because it will remove all the mould and other gunk off of there. First of all, that’s what bleach is for if this is true. Second, high-pressure cleaners to clean these materials often cause problems by leaving bubbles or indentations on the surface that look very unattractive afterward. You can still use these tools to clean things around your house, but use common sense and caution with your power washer. In conclusion, don’t use it too much all at once because you could cause problems for yourself later on if it’s not suitable for the surface you’re cleaning!

Final Words – Pressure Washer Unexpected Ways For Walkway Cleaning

Your pressure washer can be helpful in many ways but might not always work out right for you. Like anything else, it depends on the person who uses these tools and how they decide to use them! Be smart about what surfaces are being cleaned with your power washer because you don’t want leaks, discoloration problems, or other problems occurring later on due to your carelessness! We hope this article has given you some insight into how beneficial it can be to have a power washer around; remember what we said before, so things turn out alright for you!


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