Steps When Using Jewelry Loupes


A jewelry loupe is essential for any jeweler. It’s impossible to work without it as it magnifies parts of the jewelry to detect cracks or inclusions. There are various types of these loupes available locally and online on Alibaba. The jewelers loupe functions pretty much the same way despite the several model variations. It is also a perfect option if you’re in the jewelry business, with multiple jewelries for customers. For instance, when it’s for business, proper use lets you see the condition and quality of stones you purchase from customers. This article shows how to use various types of jewelry loupes.

How to use the jewelry loupes

A jewelry loupe is a magnifying glass that folds. The lens measures 18, 21mm, or depending on the type; it has a standard magnification strength of 10X. These loupes come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Some are big, others small, but the larger ones are more advantageous as they let in more light hence better image quality. With proper guidance, using a jewelry loupe is simple though you must practice regularly. Here are the steps to use them.

Unfold the loupe

The first thing is to unfold or open the loupe, once you have removed it from the preferred storage box. Place your finger on the slot opposite the lens, so it’s firm in your hand. You can use whichever hand you feel comfortable using since the lens lets you view jewelry from any direction. However, make sure you hold it firmly not to avoid accidents. A small mistake will result in falling and that damages your device.

Position the loupe for visibility

Place the jewelry loupe close to your eye for clearer visibility. Let the thumb’s knuckles touch your cheek to know how close to the eye you should be. If you find your hand shaking, then the positioning of the loupe is wrong, and it would be difficult to focus. Alternatively, you can support yourself by placing your elbow on a table or flat surface.

Find the focus

With one hand holding the loupe, use the other to move the stone, so it’s one inch away from the jewelry loupe. Keep moving it around until you get the desired focus. Start by looking at the stone’s face before shifting it to various angles. Stop once in a while during the procedure to confirm if what you see appears on the grading report. Be keen and take your time primarily as a first-timer. It takes a shorter time to view smaller gems than the larger ones. Move section by section, so you don’t miss any spots.

To sum up

Knowing how to use a jewelry loupe is vital for your sake and the customers. As a beginner, take time to practice and avoid mishandling the loupe. Also, giving wrong information about a stone can cost you losses, and it’s something you want to avoid. When buying, choose the appropriate size and shape since the lens measurements vary.


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