Different Types of Magnetic Cable Connectors


Mobile phones are very important to us. They store our data and have a lot of stuff that is important for us. This is the reason we want to keep the battery safe and running perfectly for a long time. Chargers and cables play a significant role in how our phones perform.

While the concept of cables and connectors for mobiles is not new, the use of magnetic cable connectors has just emerged in the past few years and has dominated other cables for phones. Magnetic cable connectors, as the name suggests, are made with magnetic capabilities. They use magnetic suction to connect to the devices and charge them or transfer data.

The magnetic charging technology is new and has several benefits, and magnetic cables and connectors have many attributes. If you want to get magnetic cable connectors for your mobile, keep reading to know all the different types you can choose from.

Magnetic Cable Connector

Magnetic cable connectors have a male pogo pin or port and a female pin or port. These ports or pins must be attached on their respective sides for the circuit to be completed and for the electric current to pass through easily. The magnetic connection formed here is robust and needs a stronger force to override and separate the connectors.

It is quite easy to use magnetic cable connectors. All you need to do is bring the magnetic ends to their respective sides, and the magnetic suction will do the rest.

Types of magnetic cable connectors

So, what kind of magnetic cable connectors exist? There are several different magnetic cable connectors available for various devices. Individual models of the phones will need a different cable connector. Here are a few types of magnetic cable connectors that you can get your hands on.

Magnetic Cable Connectors with Two Pins

The 2-pin magnetic cable connector comes with a male port with two pins and a female port with two pins. All you need to do is assemble the connector ports. All the transfer of data and power is done as the male, and the female pogo pin connector sides are attracted to their respective sides. You need to bring the male and the female pins to the plugs on opposite sides to allow the suction to work and let the power transfer through.

3 Pin Magnetic Cable Connectors

Another type of magnetic cable connector is the three-pin kind, where the male and the female parts have three-pin ports. The workings of this cable connector are the same as the two-pin connector. The two male and female ports with three pins work by transferring data and power through the suction created when the male and female pogo pins are pushed into the plugs.

Magnetic Cale Charger with Four Pins

This one is the same as the cable charger with two and three pins. The only difference is that type of cable connector has four pins to be attached to the devices and their plugs. Both the male and the female parts have four pins. This connector’s workings will work similarly by attaching the pins into the plugs.

Magnetic Pogo Pin Charger

In this magnetic connector, the adsorption effect is achieved by assembling the male and the female parts. A simple magnetic connection is formed as the pogo pin charger aligns automatically.


There are some other magnetic cable connectors as well such as the round type magnetic cable connector and 4 PIN 2.54 runway magnetic cable connector. You can check the QH industry website to check the products in detail.

Magnetic cable connectors are the new age of chargers and joints to help charge your phones and transfer data. They are fast, more reliable, and self-reliant. The joints or connectors form a strong connection on their own through magnetic suction. To break the connection, you need t to apply an overriding force. If you want a tough and robust cable or charger for your phone, try the magnetic cable connectors for a fast, simple and reliable experience.


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