What is artificial football turf?

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Nowadays, synthetic turf has taken the place of the original grass in some sports arenas and landscapes. It is becoming popular all around the globe, especially in some high level international matches, due to its high sports performance. The artificial football turf is a synthetic turf manufactured of nylon and polyethylene fibers which provide durability. It has a concrete base for a firm grip on the ground. The installation process is not complicated. You can hire any reliable artificial turf company for the accurate installment of turf in your football stadium. Covered football stadiums that cannot get enough sunlight for the growth of the original grass use artificial football turf. Rainfall during the football match can cause severe injuries to the players due to slippery muddy grass. But this is not the scenario in the case of artificial turf. Artificial football turf has a proper drainage system for the outflow of water. Extreme climate changes badly affect the quality of original grass that demands great maintenance. In contrast, artificial football turf is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and UV resistant. It is not subjected to any wear and tear in extreme weather changes.

What kind of turf can be used for football stadiums?

Various kinds of turf are used in football stadiums. Multiple football turfs are designed for mini football fields, full-size football pitches, and training centers. Shock pads are also installed on the turf, the primary purpose is to make the players get excellent playing experience and feel comfortable while playing on the grass. Football turfs are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can select any type according to your need:

  • Superbturf (a diamond shape with a thickness of 400µm)
  • Stemgrass turf(a stem in the middle of each blade)
  • Prime SM (tricolor combination with wavy-shaped profile)
  • Prime CM (C shaped with central spine)
  • Energy C3N (3 spine blade structure with wear resistance)
  • PRT series (100% recyclable & high water permeability)

What are the advantages of synthetic football turf?

Artificial football turf is being widely used in worldwide competitions. Some of the advantages of football turf are given below:


High-quality football turf lasts up to 8-10 years. It is composed of durable and high tensile strength raw material which can resist corrosion and wear. It is highly similar to the original grass in shape and texture and gives a real sporting experience.

No occasional weed outburst:

Random weed outburst in the original grass greatly hinders football players. So, football turfs are preferred as they suppress the growth of weeds.

No maintenance:

The most alluring advantage of artificial football turf is low maintenance. You do not need to mow and fertilize the turf. It does not require water or sunlight to maintain its lush green appearance and playing performance.

Shock absorber:

Shock pads are installed under the turf. It is essential to withstand the rigorous jumping running, and sliding of football players.


You should purchase of high-quality turf and hire a reliable company for the installation for your football field. You can arrange fantastic tournaments on the artificial football turf in your football stadium.


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