How to empty your vehicle’s fuel tank of all fuel to clean or replace your high-pressure fuel pump


There are many reasons you may want to drain out every drop of fuel in your vehicle. And one of these reasons may be a faulty fuel pump. Whether you have the bmw high pressure fuel pump or any other fuel pump, it does not mean the fuel pump can not go bad. As a cautious process, it is better to have an overview of your fuel pump at intervals. When your high-pressure fuel pump goes bad, it affects the overall health of your vehicle. Cleaning it immediately when you notice it has gone dirty is the smartest choice for a high-pressure fuel pump. If you leave the dirt in there, it can get extremely bad and need a replacement. A quick way your high-pressure fuel pump will get dirty is through dirty fuel. It is normal for everyone to walk into a fuel station to buy fuel. However, not all gas stations have a quality process to assure you of the right fuel type.

The dirt of the fuel will affect the fuel pump and other fuel components of your car, costing you more money. So if you buy any bad fuel, you should fix it. Fortunately, with a simple process, you can empty your fuel tank of such bad fuel with an easy process. Some manual pumps come with hoses that you can use to remove the fuel safely. This process works for most older vehicle types, but not the recent models. A better process that works for every vehicle is going through the drain plug. The drain plug location for all cars is more or less the same, regardless of the model, type of fuel pump, and car brand. This article is a step-by-step guide on how you can drain your vehicle without any hassles.

Ride your vehicle as much as possible till its fuel is empty

Except you buy bad fuel, emptying your fuel tank is as easy as driving around. You can always use this opportunity to take a that long road trip you have always wanted. As much as you can, try to ensure your tank is near empty, so you do not need to remove a lot of fuel. Luckily, if you have a high fuel pressure pump, you will ride at better rpm levels.

Locate the drainage plug

The best way to get rid of all the fuel in your vehicle is through the drainage plug. Usually, the drainage plug is under your vehicle. Think of where your fuel tank is and trace it to the drainage plug. They are usually close together.

Get an empty bowl to receive the fuel underneath your car

Having fuel released on the floor to waste is unsafe – whether the fuel is good or not. What you should do instead is to ensure the fuel pours into a bowl. As much as possible, it will be safe for disposal, and you won’t be wasting fuel.

Remove the connecting screws from the drain plug

The drain plug is usually connected to the fuel tank with some screws. Get a similar screwdriver and unscrew it. Immediately, the fuel will start pouring into the bowl. Ensure that you watch the fuel out into the empty bowl. Also, replace the drain plug when it is empty.


If you have followed the steps above, your fuel tank should be as empty as possible. Therefore, you can always fix what you want in your high-pressure fuel pump.


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