5 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Skincare


You know that loving your skincare isn’t the same as loving your makeup, right? Your makeup is probably easy to swap out if something doesn’t work for you. But what about your skin…and the products specifically formulated for it? It can be tough to say goodbye when discovering a perfect skincare product. Still, if the ingredient list isn’t doing you any favors (or worse, your skin doesn’t like it), then you might need to kiss that particular skincare formula goodbye.

Let’s not be dramatic here; it won’t hurt as much as shedding a tear for the loss of your first love. But I hope you will agree with me that finding skincare products that work is an investment worth making and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So why should you date (and marry) some skincare? Here are five reasons

1. Because it’ll keep your skin hydrated and bright

The first thing you need to know about skincare is that it can help protect your skin from harmful sunrays. The time to start sunscreen every day is now; there’s no such thing as an ‘indoor tan.’ And adding a moisturizer with UV protection to your skincare routine is just as important.

2. Because it’ll help you age gracefully

It’s not wrinkles that are aging, but the failure to take care of them! And I’m inclined to agree. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your skin. After all, you can’t stop time from passing. But you can make sure your skin looks as smooth and hydrated as possible by regularly using a moisturizer formulated with anti-aging properties.

3. Because it’ll help you discover products that work for your unique skin type

Everyone’s skin is unique in its particular way. This means that different skin types will respond to developments in different ways. By regularly switching up your skincare (and makeup), you’ll be able to find the best possible formulas for your specific needs.

4. Because using the best skincare ensures radiant, glowing skin

Doesn’t this sound great? It’s easy to be tempted to settle for just-okay skincare that leaves your skin looking alright. But if you genuinely believe that robust and glowing skin is sexy (and I do), then taking care of it should be a top priority.

5. Because good skincare creates the perfect canvas to apply makeup

Even when you find great skincare products, it can take trial and error to find the perfect one. And while you’re waiting for that ‘perfect’ day, your skin is likely experiencing all sorts of fluctuations in terms of moisture levels, oiliness, etc., but don’t be tempted to skip skincare (or wear less makeup) because you think it will solve everything.

If you’re having a tough time deciding whether or not to fall in love with skincare, here’s my advice: don’t think of it as a choice! If your skin is worth taking care of (and I’m sure it is), why wouldn’t you want to date some skincare?


Your skin is one of the essential features of your body, and it’s worth taking care of. Skincare products can help protect your skin from harmful sunrays, keep you looking young and radiant, and even help you find formulas that work best for your unique skin type. So don’t be tempted to skip skincare (or wear less makeup) because you think it will solve everything – using good skincare is an investment in yourself that is definitely worth making!


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